Via Gurdwara Sahib Smethwick, UK

Have you seen this person?

It is quite embarrassing, however to stop / prevent shoe theft and anything else which maybe contrary to the Guru’s way, we have upgraded the security at GNG.

This gentleman thought he could come to the Gurdwara Sahib for a free shoe upgrade, he left his shoes there and purposely took somebody else’s newer and more expensive shoes.

He didn’t look around and definitely forgot to smile for the CCTV.

The committee and the police would like to speak to this gentleman so if you see him, and or any other suspicious behaviour at the Gurdwara please bring it to the attention of the Sevadaars, Granthi’s or the management committee.

Each time we catch someone stealing shoes, or doing anything else which maybe contrary to Gurmat we will be posting them on facebook for the Sangat’s viewing.

GNG Security keeping the Sangat safe and secure.

Shoe Thief Caught on Camera in Gurdwara Sahib by dailysikhupdates

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