Walsall Caldmore Gurdwara in the UK has hired armed bouncer and police to vacate the Midland Langar Seva Society from preparing free meals out of the Gurdwara’s Sahib’s kitchen. In the video, dozens of Police officers can be seen stopping the MLLSS from entering the kitchen. The Gurdwara argues their kitchen can’t be used for the purposes of feeding the homeless and the meals should be prepared somewhere’s else.

Members of the MLSS can be heard telling the Gurdwara committee on why bouncers have been hired by the committee to stop the langar seva. Bibi in the video can also be heard saying that the Seva Society has been preparing food at the Gurdwara for 2 years.

One of the committee members appeared to argue:

“Why the homeless are given free food, when the government sends workers to their places to clean and provide food. For those that sleep under bridges that’s their own problem.”

The committee member went a step further and said, “Why don’t guys cook this food at your own homes.”

The Gurdwara committee argues there resources shouldn’t be used for preparing langar for the homeless while the MLLSS sevadars state that the Gurdwara doesn’t belong to the committees but to the sangat and can be used for such purposes.

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