Vote For The Sikh of the Year 2014 (You Vote, You Decide)

2014 has seen many Sikhs contribute from human rights issues, to providing relief aid and through education. There were many Sikhs who did great work but some people have stood out more then others. Here is our list of nominations For The Sikh of the Year 2014.

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Sukhman Singh the founder co-founder of the human rights group ENSAAF. He’s played an important role in the success of the group which was documentaed thousands of parents who lost their children in the extra judical killings which happened in Punjab from the years 1984-1995. Sukhman Singh along with other co-founders created a bone chilling documentary in 2014 called “The Last Killing” which showed a former Punjab police officer who refused to commit crimes but exposed the killings.

HS Phoolka The famous senior high court lawyer who fought cases for 1984 victims even during times when everyone else had forgotten about them.

Ravinder Singh from Khalsa Aid who worked tirelessly in the year 2014 providing relief worker in a number of countries. He provided relief aid to war struck Iraqi Kurdistan and aided refugees with ISIS just few miles away. Ravinder Singh has been at the front when helping those who are unable to help themselves and became nationally known in the UK after his tremendous work in flood struck northern UK.

Harbinder Singh of the Anglo Sikh Heritage and the man behind the “1914 Sikhs”. Harbinder Singh’s seva of letting the work hear the 1914 Sikh story is truly remarkable and will be remembered for years to come. He also helped organize exhibitions for people to learn about the Sikh contribution in the World Wars which received international attention.

Dr. Soram Singh Khalsa is one of the leaders in alternative medicine in the United States and recently got recognized nationwide after being the doctor of a famous Hollywood celebrity.

Harry Singh Baweja, the creator of the film Chaar Sahibzaade which was appreciated by Sikhs worldwide. The film inspired many people to come back to sikhi and know history of the Chaar Sahibzaade of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The film’s marketing was done by the Sikh Sangat themselves and people became so inspired by it that they organized hundreds of free shows for the underprivileged.

Lt. Col Harjit Singh Sajjan, became the Commander of the British Columbia Regiment, he’s had a long history of service as a soldier and led troops in Afghanistan.

Jagmeet Singh NDP Member of Provincial Parliament in Ontario, Canada. He represents the Bramalea-Gore-Malton area and has spoken out about Sikh issues in the legislature of Ontario. He is one of the leading role models for the Sikh youth worldwide and his contribution for helping recognize the month of April has Sikh Heritage in Ontario was much apppreciated.

Vishavjit Singh the creator of Sikhtoonwala single handedly spread awareness of Sikhs in the United States. At a time when Sikhs didn’t quite understand how awareness should be spread, he came up with the idea of Sikh Captain America which ended up making him appear on famous American Television shows.

Sarbpreet Singh created one of the finest theatrical shows on a Sikh issue called “Kultar’s Mime”. The show was based on the 1984 Delhi Sikh Genocide and the theatrical production received international praise.

Bhai Gurbakh Singh Khalsa who has been on hunger strike for 45 days in Lakhnaur Sahib, Haryana for the release of Sikh political prisoners.

Jagraj Singh is the founder of Basics of Sikhi an online channel dedicated to spreading awareness of Sikhs through educational videos.

Karnail Singh Peer Mohammad is the head of All India Sikh Student Federation and he and his team led many campaigns of signature collecting for various Sikh Petitions. He tirelessly worked in the achievement of a number of key issues from leading protests related to 1984, petition signing, Sikh awareness campaigns, properly addressing key issues involving Sikhs in media, and etc.


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