A Sevadar at Sri Harmandir Sahib’s Guru Ram Das kitchen named Charanjit Singh slipped and fell into a cauldron with boiling hot water around 9am Tuesday morning suffering serious injuries.

Charanjit Singh, a long time sevadar of the langar hall was known to prepar ‘kheer’ a sweet rice pudding and was featured in pictures that were seen around social media the last few years. He was cleaning the large cauldron known as the ‘Karaha’ when the unfortunate incident occurred.

After falling into the boiling hot cauldron he was pulled by nearby volunteers and rushed to the local hospital. He suffered serious burn injuries, however doctors have stated his condition is stable.

The news of the incident went viral on social media with people worldwide doing ardas for the sevadar. The incident has raised serious issues of unsafe working conditions at Guru Ram Das Kitchen in Sri Harmandir Sahib.

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