A bully refused to back off after repeated attempts by the Sikh boy. The incident occurred outside a school in the UK where a bully kept harassing a young Sikh boy.

Often videos are surfacing online showing racial hatred toward young Sikhs, whether it be verbal abuse or bullying. In a video which has gone viral across Social media and messaging apps, a bully who refused to back down after several attempts by a Sikh boy.

The incident took place in the UK following school time and other school kids can be seen surrounding the 2, chanting and recording as the confrontation takes place.

As the other boy was not backing down and threw the first punch, the Sikh boy returned with a few blows, chasing away the other boy until he finally gives up. Violence is not always the answer but for a Sikh it is always just once the opponent is not listening to the voice of reason, and must be used as a final resort.

As can be seen from the video, the bully throws the first punch but quickly things turn the other way and he’s seen on the floor.

However, the Sikh boy was at equal fault because he instigated the bully. The Singh kept stating “Get on Your Knews” to the bully and that’s when he threw the punch.

The proper action by the Sikh boy should have been to avoid any confrontation or to prevent any further escalation verbally.

Singh Teaches Bully a Lesson by dailysikhupdates

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