Viral Video Shows Protesters Also Planted Tiranga on Lal Qila Dome

A video has gone viral on social media which shows protesters on top of Lal Qila planting the Tiranga on one of the domes of the Lal Qila. The media overwhelmingly showed that insult of the national flag occurred.

However in this video it can be seen that the National Flag remained at it’s original flag pole and another India flag was planted at one of the domes.

The following pictures shows that after planting the Kisan Flag and Nishan Sahib, a Tiranga was brought and put higher than the two previously planted flags.

In another picture, the Tiranga can be seen in the center of the Red Fort. On the left, the Nishan Sahib and the Kisan Morcha flag is seen getting planted on an empty flag pole. A man with a red jacket can be seen bringing the another Tiranga to the top.

Here is the video: