Viral Video: Saudi Man Brutally Beats of Indian Worker

A video which is believed to show an Indian worker receiving a brutal beating at the hands of a Saudi engineer engaged in the Grand Mosque has raked up a major debate in Saudi Arabia. Both are said to be involved in the expansion work in Mecca. The video has gone viral across social media since being shared on Facebook.

In the video lasting 2 minutes, the Indian worker can be seen pleading for mercy as the Saudi engineer continues to beat him and even spits on him. The video has since triggered a debate in Saudi Arabia on the rights of workers.

It is no secret that Indian workers in the Middle East work and live in appalling conditions, but for the many thousands who venture to countries like Saudi Arabia and work in the sweltering heat as construction workers, do so not out of choice but in an attempt to get themselves and their family out of the poverty line.

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