A video has gone viral on social media which shows a man being brutally beaten by a Mob.

The video was seen very widely shared on social media since February 28, 2018. News agencies such as Amar Ujla and News18 Hindi were the first to break the story. The news reports state that two men dressed as holy men were beaten on allegations of child kidnapping and or stealing.

The man in the video can be seen being dragged by his hair and thrown onto fire.

Amar Ujla posted regarding the issue on March 2, 2018 of alleged child kidnappers dressed as holy men being beaten by the mob.

News18 published the story on February 28, 2018 and cited the beating was of persons allegedly kidnapping a child.

Amar Ujla Assam News on alleged child kidnappers being beaten

It was seen being widely shared on social media through Satnam Singh‘s Facebook.

The person who posted the video named Satnam Singh wrote on his social media that the incident occurred in Kamrup District of Assam. Further details of the the act are being investigated.

Satnam Singh is also the original person to post the video, the video on his profile has over 5,000 shares.

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