When do you generally wipe your hands? Natural answers are likely to be when they catch some dirt or dust or get filthy when you come in contact with some dirty thing. However, we can’t forget to mention one point that whenever we shake hands with a person whose hands are untidy, we wipe our hands so as to make them clean but can you dare to do this after a handshake with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

This thing is worth pointing out here as we present you a video shared on Facebook which shows Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella trying to wipe his hands clean after a handshake with Modi. Obviously, on seeing it at first, every Indian will be filled with rage and fury since it shows Satya Nadella insulting PM of India.

What does that even mean? Why did Nadella do this? Does it show that he takes PM of a country like India in poor light or were Modi’s hands dirty? Watch the video yourself and decide.

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