A picture of Sri Harmandir Sahib with lanterns in the sky went viral on social media and became the most widely shared pictures in the history of Diwali. It’s likely that you also saw the image on your newsfeeds.

The picture was shared by very widely by celebrities and some of the biggest social media giants. The creator of the stunning image Navkaran Brar made the picture by combining two images. The intention of Navkaran was that of an artwork ant not fool anyone. Also, any person with a logical mind can determine that lanterns can’t be floating around in the sky.

The image was first shared by Navkaran Brar and then by Daily Sikh Updates after which it became completely viral that even Bollywood actors were sharing it.

The picture was shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter with some giant pages getting over 40,000 likes on the image. The image soon became the most forwarded picture on Whatsapp with literally millions of people forwarding it to each other.

After people started to question the image of it being photo shopped, Navkaran responded on NDTV:

“…Yes it’s editing & not real I’ve created art not made fool of anyone,” he writes.

Navkaran Brar took to Twitter and wrote:

Despite many people not appreciating the artwork the image had to offer, there were some who spoke out in favor:

Amitabh Bachchan also took to Twitter and called the image “Divine”

The image ended up becoming news with popular media outlets such as NDTV wrote a whole article on the image.

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