Villages Along Sutlej River Evacuated As Flooding Continues in Punjab

Ludhiana Deputy Commissioner Pradeep Aggarwal said circumstance was leveled out in the locale, yet residents in Khera Bet and Mattewara said danger of flood posed a potential threat after Ropar specialists discharges some 2.40 lakh cusecs of Sutlej waters.

Aggarwal said region organization had made game plans to anticipate flood at nine defenseless focuses in the dsitrict.

“We have made every one of the plans with sand sacks and tremendous stones and so forth if there should arise an occurrence of crisis. The Sutlej enters here from Samrala side and the last point is close Jagraon from where it will move towards Ferozpur”, said the DC.

The organization has not yet requested clearing of towns.

Be that as it may, Kartar Singh, a resident from Khera Bet, said he expected that the courses of action would do nothing to counteract a flood in the territory once the water stream went up.

A unique ‘girdawari’ is required to be requested in zones that announced yields harm.

Sutlej River Rises:

News report of the flooding in Punjab:

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