The Gurmat Parchar Society of the United States visited a village in India of Sikligars to understand their needs. The Sikhs living in this village have been 100% in Sikhi Saroop for over 7 generations but they are so poor they are unable to have a functioning Gurdwara.

The Sikhs expressed due to poverty they are barely surviving but work hard in their occupations.

The Sikligar Sikhs use to make weapons since Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji’s time, they were blessed by the Gurus to make weapons for the Khalsa Fauj.

They haven’t abandoned the tradition but have continued it in other means to survive. They say they all are in 100% Sikhi Saroop and not one person can be found in the village without Kesh. The blessed Sikhs are rare since majority of Sikh youth in Punjab have get their kesh.

They requested the foreign Sikhs to provide a Gurdwara for them so that they can teach Sikhi to their children.

The elderly man interviewed stated that no person in the village does any sort of drug and all have maintained their Sikh faith since they were blessed by the Sikh gurus. He went onto say that Bhai Bachittar Singh also belonged to their family.

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