Vikram Dhanuala Picked Up By Delhi Police After 51 Days of Hunger Strike

Vikram Dhanuala whose been on hunger strike for the past 51 days seeking justice for 1984 Delhi genocide victims was picked up by police. Vikram’s health has severely deteriorated and reports indicate he was throwing up blood yesterday.



After looking at Vikram’s health the police took him into custody and doctors have applied an IV. Sikhs around the world have told Vikram to end his hunger strike as there was no point in continuing it as the Government wouldn’t meet his demands.

The police have notified Vikram’s committee that charges will be brought against them for murder if Vikram loses his life. The committee is now under pressure to take a decision either to end the hunger strike or to continue it.

In most likely hood, Vikram’s life is in extreme danger and if the hunger strike was to continue any longer he might not survive another day unless he’s provided with medical treatment.

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