A group of Sikhs in San Francisco were distributing flyers of Minority issues in India when a woman came up to one of the volunteers and started to argue. The incident occurred on June 6th during the ‘India Summer Day 2015’ event.

The community members had asked the organizers to change the date of their celebration as the week was one of the most tragic for the Sikh community.

The conversation quickly evolved into the 1984 Sikh Massacres and what happened against Sikhs. When the Sikh woman talked about censorship of the news media in Punjab and in reply to that the woman said ‘you deserve it.’

The Sikh woman replies by saying ‘We deserved to be killed?’ The frustrated woman responded by saying ‘absolutely.’

The video was seen trending on social networks.

Woman Says Sikhs Deserve to be Killed in San… by dailysikhupdates

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