A Sikh Girl who believes in giving to those in need gave away a car she won at a raffle event setup by a local car dealership. She said she already had a car and someone who needs it more should get it.

She told a local newspaper the Vancouver Sun, “I felt excited at first, then confused,” she said. “I had never won anything before. But I didn’t need the car. I already had a car.” At first Chohan thought about keeping the gift, but she felt uncomfortable. “I am already so fortunate,” said Chohan. “My parents had taught me that whenever it is possible in life to do a kindness to another, that you must do it. So after talking with my vice-principal, Mr. Ferrill, we came to a decision.”

She added, “My parents said they were proud of me. It’s what they taught me to do,” said Chohan. Modest, almost to a fault, Chohan said she was surprised to hear students were tweeting about the gift after the principal announced the story over the PA. “They were saying I inspired them, people I didn’t even know,” said Chohan. “I don’t have a Twitter account and no one really knows who I am.”


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