As part of the Basics of Sikhi India Tour 2015, Jagraj Singh visited Bangalore to do Katha and Talks.

Question was ‘Dumalla kyo sajaaeai atte kehre rang?’

It is told by many Singhs that one day the three Sahibzaadey (princes of Guru Gobind Singh Ji) were performing their battle skills, and the youngest of them all Baba Fateh Singh Ji also wanted to play with his brothers. The other brothers replied: “At the moment you are too small.”

The Sahibzaadey felt so let down, that he went inside the palace and tied a dastaar (turban) as tall as one hand. He put on a blue dress. Placed a Chakar (round disc carried on a belt or worn on the turban) on himself. He adorned himself with a small Khanda. Over his dastaar he wrapped a ‘dumalla’ and in he held in his hand a spear, with wore his Kirpaan. He then went to where his brothers were playing and said, “Now I don’t look small.”

Seeing his son, looking so handsome and beautiful, Guru Ji said: “From this dress the Nihangs will be formed.”
For this reason up to this day Nihang Singhs are called ‘Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Laddleeaa Faujaa(n) (Beloved Army)’.

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