Punjab Government’s decision to reinstate the controversial cop, Gurmeet Singh Pinky, who was convicted of murder, is like rubbing salt on the wounds of all those who believe in the rule of law. Gurmeet Singh Pinky was a former terrorist, who became a police informer (CAT). He was inducted in the Punjab Police as an Havildar in 1990s for his “help”. He was blue-eyed of a number of a number of senior police officers and he quickly rose to the rank of an Inspector in the Police force, where his excesses were well known.

In January 2001, he along with five others, was hauled up for cold blooded murder of an innocent youth, Avtar Singh Gola, in Ludhiana. After much dithering, his case was finally transferred to be tried in Yamunanagar, where he was convicted in September 2006 and sentenced to life imprisonment. In jail he enjoyed VIP treatment and remained on parole and furlough for more than 170 days. His appeal against conviction was dismissed by the Punjab & Haryana High Court in 2012. Despite this, yet, in a shocking move, he was prematurely released in a hush-hush manner in May 2014.

As a life convict, he served only seven years and seven months in jail, while other lifers are languishing in jails even after 20 years. What makes the whole case stink is the fact that he was reinstated in service as an Inspector on May 16 and posted in Fatehgarh Sahib District, from where he was suspended.

I remember a caller from abroad telling me about Pinky’s reinstatement three days ago. After the matter became known, though the Government has reversed the order and transferred the DIG, Gurinder Singh Dhillon, who reinstated him, the case raises numerous questions:

One, did the DIG reinstate the murder convict on his own or was he following orders? Two, if the DIG did it on his own, should he merely be transferred? Three, if he was following orders, whose orders were these – the DGP, Sumedh Singh Saini, whose blue-eyed boy he reportedly was when in service or the Home Minister, Sukhbir Singh Badal? Four, was his pre-mature release and reinstatement a part of a wider conspiracy? Five, does all this not support what Surat Singh Khalsa has been stating all this while?

These are serious questions that beg an answer and will the Chief Minister stand up and address these?

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