Video: This is Why Sikhs Serve Cold Drink (Chabeel) in June

22nd – 28th June 2015 is the first ever globally organised ‘Chabeel Week’. Sikhs from all over the world will get together and hand out cold drinks to passers-by to commemorate their fifth Guru and highlight ‘ChardiKala’ (‘Eternal Optimism’), the Sikh ethos of remaining optimistic.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji, became the first Sikh martyr in 1606 after he refused to change the Sikh scriptures as ordered by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. When Guru Arjan Dev Ji refused, he was tortured to death by being made to sit on a red hot plate whilst hot sand was poured over him.

Instead of remembering this event through mourning, the Guru taught the Sikhs to accept Gods will as sweet. Therefore, Sikhs changed negativity to positivity by turning an attack upon them into a chance to serve others. We honour the Guru’s burning by cooling everyone else. This is ChardiKala.

Chabeel Week will be a fun opportunity to get involved in seva and an easy way to put a smile on someone’s face. A global movement, Chabeel Week events will be hosted in the UK, USA, Canada, India and Malaysia. The list of those getting involved is constantly growing with sevadars and Sikh organisations the world over looking to get involved in this great way to educate the world on Sikh values and beliefs.

To join in Chabeel Week email or go to for more info.

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