A series of Guritihaas Katha from the Gurpartap Sooraj Granth by the learned Bhai Kuljeet Singh Jee.

Chandu Shah, after hearing the Emperor Jahangir’s response to Sulabhi Khan’s death, returns home and receives a letter from Prithi Chand. In the letter, Prithi Chand, enquires what is to be done now in terms of destroying the fifth Guru, as so far all attempts have failed. He suggests to Chandu that he should be called to Lahore to meet the Emperor and gain his assistance on the matter.

Jahangir, still addressing Guru Arjun Dev ji with respect, refuses to trouble Guru Sahib but agrees to meet with Prithi Chand. Chandu sends a messenger to Prithi Chand with an invitation from the Emperor to meet him in Lahore. Karmo, Prithi Chand’s wife has deep doubts about the future wellbeing of her husband and tries her best to prevent him from going to Lahore, even stating that this enmity with Guru Arjan Dev ji should be forgotten. However, Prithi Chand pays no heed to Karmo’s intuitions and leaves, wishing goodbye to his family and friends.

As Prithi Chand and his followers pass Taran Taaran Sahib gurdwara, his followers request Prithi Chand with their desire to bathe and rest there and then move forward the following day. Prithi Chand responds angrily and slanders the ‘teerath’ by saying
“This is not a place of pilgrimage – it’s a swamp full of rubbish.”

He further claims that he built Sri Harmandir Sahib and he will show that to his followers.

Unable to keep his words, Prithi Chand leaves visiting Sri Harmandir Sahib and takes his companions to his father-in-law’s village Heri instead and calls this village a place of pilgrimage. Prithi Chand and his followers spend some days resting, enjoying food and informing the villagers of how he is the True Guru. On the third night Prithi Chand tells everyone that they will leave for Lahore in the morning.

A few hours after that evening meal which Prithi Chand ate a great deal of, Prithi Chand woke up crying in pain, screaming, that he is dying in pain – the food he ate had been contaminated with Cholera. Realizing he cannot survive, Prithi Chand asks for the last rites to be held at Heri and sends a message to his son Mehrbaan to never forget to claim the Guruship and kill Guru Arjun Dev ji.

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