Video Surfaces of Hard “Kaur” Insulting the Word “Kharku”

Hard “Kaur” insults the words Kharku and insults Sikhs once again. When asked what kind of husband she would want, she said she prefers a Kharku. She didn’t have any clue what the word kharku ment and so starts singing Punjabi singer Diljit’s “Kharku” song.

This particular singer has once again done beadbi to the word “Kaur”. 1 year ago she made the headlines when she insulted a Sikh doorman with her ignorant comments at a concert.

The video by Amanpreet Singh at the end shows the meaning of Kharku explained by Bhai Gurbaksh to singer Diljit.

Hard Kaur Insults word kharku by dailysikhupdates

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