A quick clip from NDTV an Indian Television channel has revealed the so called God woman ‘Radhe Ma’ distorted few lines of Gurbani.

In the clip She says, ‘karan karavan ape app, Manas kai kuch nahi hath”.

The actual Gurbani Lines are the following:

“karan karavan ape ap
sada sada Nanak hari jap” Guru Arjan Dev Ji wrote in Sukhmani Sahib

“He is the cause and sole author, Nanak says repeat God’s name again and again.”
Guru Arjan – Gauri.

Problems with the second line she quoted:

1) Instead of Manas, it’s ‘Manukh’
2) She said the word ‘Kuch’ where it should be kich
3) The second line doesn’t come after “karan karavan ape ap” but comes after “marai rakhai ekai ap”

The correct lines of Gurbani are:

“marai rakhai ekai ap
manukh kai kichh nahi hath”

Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Sukhmani Sahib Raag Gauri.

Helpless and impotent is the wooden marionette, He who pulls the strings knows its moves. The actor assumes the guise. As the director of the play directs.

She not only misquoted but also distorted the gurbani lines and deserves strict punishment from Akal Takht.

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