(DSU News Bureau) Sikhs protested against a Punjabi Bhangra event at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The Sikhs say the Bhangra event shouldn’t occur on any date between June 1 to June 6 as these are the days of the remembrance of Shaheeds who lost their life in the Operation on Sri Harmandir Sahib.

The Sikhs peacefully protested against the Punjabis who were celebrating and doing Bhangra. The 1984 remembrance event was originally scheduled for June 6 at the same venue but the organizers moved the event to June 7 so that the Bhangra event can take place.

The event has caused an outrage among many people who say the date of the event should have been changed.

For more on this controversy: Activist Speaks out on Bhangra event

Sikhs Protest Against Punjabis by dailysikhupdates

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