A remarkable story came from Sangrur when a Sikh saved 7 lives with is turban during the annual Ganpati Visarjan Diwas, a Hindu festival. The Sikh saw several kids and adults being swept up by the raging water and that’s when he took it upon himself to save their lives. He says he took to his instinct to do whatever he could to save their lives.

The Sikh first used a wire lying near the shore to rescue several kids and when the wire broke he took off his turban to rescue people drowning in the ferocious water.

The Sikh is being honored by many in the Hindu community for coming to the rescue and being applauded by people worldwide for his brave efforts.

The victims were thankful to the Sikh man who saved their lives. The Sikh man said he was thankful for the teachings from his Sikh Guru’s to help those in need at all circumstances.

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