A story published in the American newspaper the USA Today has revealed the confiscation of an authenticated document which highlights the plan of ISIS for India.

The ISIS is preparing to attack India to provoke an Armageddon-like confrontation with the US, according to an internal recruitment document of the feared group which also seeks to unite the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban into a single army of terror.

An investigative story published yesterday by the USA Today and reported by American Media Institute refers to a 32-page Urdu document obtained from a Pakistani citizen with connections inside the Pakistani Taliban. Via Indian Express

Bruce Riedel, a retired CIA official and now a senior fellow at the Brookings Institute, said striking India would magnify the ISIS’ stature and threaten the stability of the region. “Attacking in India is the Holy Grail of South Asian jihadists,” he was quoted as saying. The undated document is titled ‘A Brief History of the Islamic State Caliphate, The Caliphate According to the Prophet.’ Read More at: Indian Express

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