Satinder Satti has posted a video clarifying her statement about truck drivers.

So what happened?

A news story published by Punjab Mail California regarding a ‘statement’ supposedly issue by Satinder Satti created immediate controversy.

Supposedly according to Punjab Mail, Satinder Satti said people in USA are in depression and don’t have fun. They claim she went onto say that truck drivers are uneducated, don’t take showers for weeks out, and seek unequal marriage proposals of girls in Punjab.

The statement infuriated the Punjabi truck drivers who wanted boycott of Satti until she apologized.

Another reporter from California named Husan Ladoa clarified what Satti actually stated. Sattinder Satti advocated for equal marriage proposals and that truck drivers aren’t able to take shower due their tough schedules always on the road.

The reporter said the confusion occurred due to wrong word choice in the articles.

Sattinder Satti issued an apology and now it’s up to the people to decide.

sattinder satti issues apology by dailysikhupdates

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