The Sants of the Sant Samaj organization passed some key resolutions in their meeting after the Akal Takht’s pardon of Dera Sauda head. After a meeting of Panthi Sikh groups, the Sant Samaj met to discuss the issue of Pardon. The decision of the Panthic Sikh groups was to hold a Sarbatt Khalsa on Diwali.

The resolutions:
1) Asked Akal Takht to take decision of pardon back
2) Call the Khalsa Panth to Sri Akal Takht Sahib for a new decision
3) If Jathedars can’t guide the Sikh Quam to the right direction and in favor of the Panth, than they should stay home.
4) If the Jathedars don’t rethink the decision, Jathedars would be responsible for any harm to Sikhs.

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