A video surfaced on social networks sending shock ways throughout the Sikh community. It shows Hazoori (Highest Ranked) Raagi Balbir Singh at the feet of Ashutosh of Noormelia Dera, the same Dera which committeed sacrilege of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

He’s seen in the video folding his hands and admiring Ashutosh. Balbir Singh has shown that even a highly known Raagi in the Sikh community whose world renowned can become a snake.

Raagi Balbir Singh is perhaps one of the most known Raagis worldwide in the history of Kirtaaniyes. The shameful act has brought shame to the Sikh community hurting millions of Sikhs worldwide.

Many people watching the video were unsure whether it was actually him but closeups and the voice left no doubt. The Raagi forgot about all the meanings of the Shabads he sang and dropped to the feet of a Dera Baba.

raagi balbir Singh by dailysikhupdates

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