A 17 year old Punjabi boy robbed his own house with 3 other gang members from his high school say police.

The 4 teenagers were charged as adults in the crime at the Evergreen neighborhood of San Jose, California. The robbers were caught on home security video which the family had installed after the last burglary.


The robbers face felony charges and the accused are Simerjeet Singh, Moses Perez Herrera, 17; Alvaro Valdivia, 16; and Moses Noel Torres, 22.

One of the criminals were in jail held in lieu $250,000 bail while others were $210,000 and under.

According to lawyers, 2 of them will face 22 years each; Torres and Singh would have 20 years if convicted under the maximum penalty judgement.


“We are thankful to the San Jose Police Department for identifying these dangerous defendants and in quickly tracking them down and getting them into custody,” Santa Clara County prosecutor Madeline Seiff said in a written statement. “Most of all, we are thankful the victims are all safe.”

The suspects turned themselves in after videos went viral on social networks.

The prosecutors have stated that the suspect Herrera and Valdivia were driven by Torres to Singh’s home at Shiloh Place around 11am on May 8th.


What Happened During The Robbery?

2 of the suspects broke into the home through backdoor and armed themselves with kitchen utensils, cut phone lines, and stole a cell phone from the first floor.

A female resident of the home confronted the 2 and ran inside with her baby to another room. The victim ran into the room and tried to hold the door shut but the suspects attempted to open it with force.

After the suspects couldn’t get in the room they fled the scene.

San Jose Home Invasion Surveillance Video by dailysikhupdates

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