A video has surfaced of some people hurting the religious sentiments of Sikhs. In the video, the 3 individuals plus the one recording imitate the religious ceremony of Sikhs.

The individuals treat it as a comic act have no respect what so ever of the Sikh religion. The individuals know what they are doing as the one directing expresses knowledge.

The individuals appear to have no regard for the Sikh faith and apparently no knowledge of it’s principles. It isn’t known currently where the video was shot but the men appear to be speaking in Punjabi.

Instead of building harmony among groups, some people chose to make fun or hurt feelings of others. The video has gone viral on social networks and people have expressed outrage.

Here are some of the views:

Meenakshi Dutta Its very wrong… If we respect our religion and believes then We should give respect to other’s religion too… This video shows their stupidity. No religion taught us to insult or disgrace other religion. I hope these idiots would realize their mistake soon.

OzIndian Lucky Singh It is an absolute Absurd, Disgraceful and Disgusting act by these ‘bunch of Idiots’. Highly condemnable!

Outrage Worldwide After Hurting Sikh Sentiments by dailysikhupdates

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