A video of “Fall in Love With a Lion” by Jaspreet Kaur
I dream of his free-flowing beard,

His magnificent mane, curled and twisted along his beautiful strong jaw.

I want his heavy hands, his paws, to bare weight on mine.

I’ll admire each strand of his hair as it slips down his fierce back when he removes his crown.

KING of the jungle.

I want the sound of his thick steel kara clinging to make my hair rise.

His simran beads on his left hand to jingle.

I want him to twist his mucha when he thinks.

I don’t want him speak, I want him to roar. Spilling REVOLUTIONS from his word.

A growl from his throat that sends THUNDERS through my chest.

I want to be taken into his pride. I will be his family.

We shall run wild and free in the savanna. Hunt for our dreams together. We shall change the world.

I will accept his weaknesses, his war wounds, his scars, I will help make him stronger.

I will see his soft SOUL hidden under that velvet skin.

Whenever he feels caged,

I’ll free him.

Whenever he feels raged,

I’ll tame him.

In Sanskrit he will be my Simha.

For our cubs he’d be their Simba.

Do not doubt me, do not have me mistaken.

I shall not be his lamb.

I will be his SHERNI. His resident Queen.

My Lion. My Sher. My Singh.

Why would you doubt yourself when you have STRENGTH and power written in your name?

Why would you not find yourself beautiful? Breath taking.

So I wonder… Why would a Sherni want to be with a lamb when she should find her equal..

She could fall in love with a Lion.

Jaspreet Kaur

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