A Sikh named Harman Singh became famous after a photo of him went viral for the good deed he did to save the life of a six year old child.

Harman Singh made international headlines when he took off his turban to cradle the head of Daejon Pahia, 6, who had been hit by a car.
Mr Singh, from India, is in Auckland studying a business course. He said he was overwhelmed with all the praise and didn’t think twice about helping the little boy.

Singh Gets emotional
Singh Gets emotional

When Seven Sharp went to meet Mr Singh and congratulate him on his heroic deed, many viewers commented on his lack of furniture.

Simone from Tauranga emailed the programme, saying “it upsets us all to see such a lovely kind man living in such an empty home”.
Mr Singh’s flatmate Ravi and Lily from Big Save Furniture came on board to help fill Mr Singh’s house.


When a van pulled up outside Mr Singh’s house, he was speechless.
“We got you some furniture!” His flatmate yelled.

Mr Singh emotionally accepted the gifts.
“Thank you, thanks a lot. I’m very happy.

“Is this… it’s the biggest surprise of my life.”

Turbans become a part of a Sikh’s body and are usually removed only in the privacy of their own house. Normally it is only in the most intimate of circumstances, when bathing the head, or washing the hair.

Singh Gets Pleasant Surprise by dailysikhupdates

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