NRI Ranjit Power was killed by his own business partner at Anandpur Sahib. The body of the victim was dumped in the river.

Ranjit was last seen in Phagwara, Punjab by his business partner Baldev Singh who is the prime suspect. He arrived on a business trip to India on May 7.

The investigating police officer has stated nephew of Baldev Singh was involved in kidnapping and the murder of UK businessman. The nephew was caught by police and questioned.

The family had feared he was kidnapped since they hadn’t heard from him .

A manager of the Hotel Ranjit owns said, “We have just been notified of the death of Mr Power, one of our directors. Mr Power was a large part of the Ramada Park Hall Hotel and Spa and I know the whole team here will be extremely upset. I will assure Mr Power’s wishes regarding the hotel will be delivered. At this time my whole team will need time to grieve for such an charismatic person.”

Reportedly, Ranjit arrived in Phagwara for a last minute business trip on May 7 and wasn’t heard from since.

Ranjit Singh Power Murder Case by dailysikhupdates

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