Video: Interview With Sikh Who Saved Child’s Life With Turban

Special Interview of Harmanpreet Singh by Harjinder Singh Basiala.

Harman Singh has received international praise for helping treat 6-year-old boy in serious car accident by cradling his head with his Dastar and laying it beneath the child’s bleeding head.

Harman Singh, 22, was at home in Takanini, South Aukland, when he heard the screech of tyres at around 9am on Friday and rushed to see what had happened.

Outside, the business student found Daejon Pahia, 6, lying on the roadside, where he had been hit by a four-wheel-drive. An image of Harman Singh at the scene showing him cradling the child’s head while a member of the emergency services tends to him went viral across the World.

“When I saw the little boy was bleeding I decided[…]I would take the turban off and use it. Anyone would have done the same,” states Harman Singh.

The boy was rushed to hospital where he received emergency surgery.

“He had multiple injuries but is in a stable condition and has a period of recovery in front of him,” a hospital spokeswoman said.

People on social media platforms have praised Mr Singh for his prompt actions of using his turban.

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