Video: Inspiring Story of How She Became Sikh and Now Inspiring Others

A woman from America explains how she chose the path of Sikhi which in turn made her life much better as she got to learn deeper about her own self. She explains how Wahe Guru Jaap transformed her life and brought her closer to god.

Amarpal Kaur born in the United States and lives in Costa Rica. She teaches other people about Sikhi and is active in spreading Sikh awareness.

She goes onto say that she is keen to learn more about other Sikh Banis and get an even better understanding of Sikhi. The woman is an inspiration to many other people who despite being born in a Sikh family don’t follow the Sikh faith.

She says Sikhi makes her feel free and enjoys the Sikhi way of life. She said, “I am a servant of the Guru who wants to help others and I feel strong as this path is a gift and a blessing. I Am in awe how deep I can go with Bani and Bana and relation with the Gurus.”

The inspirational video was seen trending on social networks.

A Black Woman became Sikh by dailysikhupdates

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