The Fresno Valley Sikh community awaits decision on a suspect who attacked a Sikh in a case of mistaken identity caused by hate.

“It’s not acceptable to attack an old, 82-year-old, person minding his own business outside our temple,” said Sikh community advocate Ike Grewal to KFSN.

The attacked admitted the attack but the sentence still hasn’t been issued despite 3 years since the incident.

The Singh suffered from injuries to the head, a punctured lung and broken ribs from a metal pipe by the attacked Garcia.

“The Sikhs have been attacked all over the United States after 9/11 and this is not acceptable because we have been mistaken as radicals when we are not,” Grewal said.

Sikhs believe the turbans and beards make them targets for people such as Garcia who act due to hatred for another faith.

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