Video: Harbhajan Mann Speaks Out on Controversy Says ‘Enough is Enough’

(DSU News Bureau) Harbhajan Mann arrived in the UK for promotions of his new film ‘Gaddar’ which is based on exposing the extra judicial killings by Punjab Police officer Ajit Sandhu.

During a press conference in the UK, he spoke out against the controversy of supporting the Badals. He said people on social media over and over again blew the issue. He said, “what politics have I done?” He said in response to the controversy, “I handed my resignation to the Mohali development board.”

Mann further stated, “Enough of politics, what about my 22 years of hard work for Punjabi Cinema and Punjabi language?”

He invited the critics on a one on one discussion on the issue and stated people are tigers on Facebook only.

On the issue of not speaking out he said, “for 2 years I haven’t spoken out but now enough is enough everyone has a past.”

Harbhajan Mann Responds to Past Controversy by dailysikhupdates

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