Lalu Yadav today offered some advice, unsolicited of course, to Prime Minister Narendra Modi who announced a 1.25 lakh crore rupee mega package for Bihar yesterday.

“My advice to Modiji is that he must not shout too much, else he may burst a vein,” said Mr Yadav, a former Bihar chief minister, on stage at a public function at Patna’s Sri Krishna Memorial Hall.

Then, Mr Yadav mimicked the way PM Modi had announced the package yesterday, drawing much laughter from his audience of about a 1,000 people.

Lalu Yadav’s bitter-rival-turned-partner Nitish Kumar had offered lacerating criticism of Mr Modi’s announcement, yesterday asking if he was “bidding for Bihar?”

The funny mimicry of Lalu Yadav of Modi went viral on social networks. Lalu Yadav known for his speaking style mocked Modi and stated he never delivered any of his promises.

He said even he didn’t receive the 26,000 he was promised by Modi. The Modi government announced a financial package for Bihar ahead of the Assembly elections in an effort to gain votes.

However, rival parties have used the opportunity to campaign against Modi by criticizing him on his promises.

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