A video of a school girl beating up a man who sexually harassed her has gone viral across India.

The incident has sparked a debate over whether the girl should have been allowed to mete out justice by herself in front of police. Others defend her by saying it shows her bravery and may inspire other girls to also speak out.

It shows her demanding an apology while beating a ma, with a police officer watching. The incident took place in the state of Uttar Pradesh over the weekend. The police have said the video was taken by a reporter.

She told news outlets that he would harass her and her friends on their way to school every day.

“I don’t want him to go to jail and I don’t want an FIR,” the teenage girl said in Hindi to one reporter. “I wanted him to learn a lesson so that what happened to me today won’t happen to any other girl tomorrow.”

The video generated heated debate on Facebook groups and across the Indian media.

What do you think? Was the police right to let her take revenge on her harasser?

Via: BendItTV

Boy Accused Of Harrassing A Girl Beaten Up by dailysikhupdates

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