A video surfaced on social networks shows how the unprofessional staff of the Indian Embassy causes people to go back and forth to obtain an Indian Visa.

A man traveled 200kms to an Indian Embassy Visa office in Calgary and was told to bring more documents in order to meet the requirements of obtaining the visa. The frustrated man stated the visit was his third and questioned why he wasn’t told about the other documents during his earlier visits.

The man is heard saying, “Why don’t you tell me everything because I need to know what all your requirements are.” He continuously asks what he needs in obtaining the Visa and that he’s made 3 trips of 200kms each. On the 3rd time, the man expresses his anger because the staff didn’t tell him all the requirements.

The man became angry and expressed his frustration of the unprofessional way of conduct on behalf of the employees of the Embassy. The complicated process of obtaining an Indian visa is a very long and frustrating process on it’s own.

However, it’s become easier to obtain an Indian Visa in many countries but most it’s very difficult to obtain a visa from major developed countries.

Man gets angry at calgary Indian embassy by dailysikhupdates

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