News Broken By Preetinder Grewal of SBS Punjabi

The incident happened yesterday (17/08/2015) at around 6:00pm at Craigieburn, Melbourne’s north where a group of children from age-group 8 years to 14years (including 2 girls) allegedly attacked three young men of Punjabi origin (Indian origin).

The children/teen group was following them, shouting ‘F’ words and saying “go back to your country”. Allegedly, after a while they started throwing stones, mud, eggs along with fart -bombs (little noisy, pranky, smelly objects). Lately, police was informed and they are chasing this matter.


Here we have an interview with a Craigieburn, Melbourne based Punjabi man who was allegedly racially abused and mistreated by a group of children. Preetinder Grewal reports…

Video from the incident:

Preetinder Grewal SBS Punjabi Video by dailysikhupdates

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