The family of a Wolverhampton businessman Ranjit Singh Power, feared kidnapped or killed in India, say the authorities must do more to investigate his disappearance. Wealthy hotelier Ranjit Singh Power was last seen three weeks ago.

A message from daughter Emma:

“I know you may see nothing but my Father’s face on your Facebook feed, but I urge everyone to share his picture and keep it fresh in everyone’s mind. We need to find him. We need to being him home. You would do anything for your parents……I will continue to do everything I can for my Dad”

A simple ‘like’ and share could make all the difference. It could catch the attention of someone who knows something that could help bring Ranjit back home. Please tag anyone with links to india too.

Thank you.

Some concerned persons on social networks posted the following messages:

Qasam Shah A million air business man should have armed security in India/Pakistan,it’s to dangerous out their if ur rich,people will kidnap u for ur money! Very sad news,let’s hope he is found safe and well!!

Raj Dey I pray for Ranjit’s safe return. This is too sad. My thoughts are with what the family must be going through? Please God reunite these two lovely, anxious children with their daddy. Hope he is home soon safely x

Kam Gill Mua He is a British citizen and obviously helped this economy with his business so why haven’t the government/police been more involved to help find him ? Just like they would for missing people like madaline etc.. is it because he is Asian I hope not .. pull u r finger out David Cameron! !!

The family of a Wolverhampton businessman, feared kidnapped or killed in India, say the authorities must do more to…

Posted by BBC Midlands Today on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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