A day after Punjab Minister Maluka criticized the Canadian police and authorities over a protests during an Akali meeting, the Canadian Defense Minister Jason Kenney told a reporter, ‘Punjab Govt should address it’s problems before telling us what to do.’

‘Go home and deal with the serious problem of drug crime that is taring up many aspects of Punjabi society, maybe they should deal with god knows.

I sat down with Chief Minister Badal Singh on multiple occasions and pleaded to him to have the Punjabi state authorites and officials to work with out counselor to crack down on the industry of the unscrupulous and fraudulent immigration agents who exploit Punjabis wanting to come to Canada.

And So often these guys get arrested and then they are on the streets again. So I think there are enough problems to deal in Punjab.’ Jason Kenney.

Canadian Minister Blasts Akali Minister by dailysikhupdates

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