A journalist Jagendra Singh was burned alive by 5 police officers after writing facebook posts about a politician. The policemen have been charged with murder.

The home of Jagendra was raided by police following Facebook posts which were critical of local minister Ram Murti Verma of corruption. The son of the journalist saw how his father was burnt alive and gave testimony after failed attempts by the police stating he committed suicide.

The allegations made against the minister was of seizing tracts of land and launching illegal mining operations which made him millions of rupees.


The son claimed authorities had been waging a campaign of terror against the family following his father’s posts about the politician.

He said his father was assaulted in the streets near his home on April 28, and that he had been given burn wounds during a raid by Rai on another occasion.

The son told reporters ‘He told me he was hounded for exposing Verma’s alleged involvement in illegal mining and forced occupation of land.’

Only after other journalists brought the issue to the attention of the nation were charges filed against the police officers and politician.

Press Council of India Chairman C K Prasad condemned the alleged killing, saying it was an ‘attack on freedom of speech’ region.
He suggested that an independent fact finding mission needed to be established to get to the truth, and said the council had already commissioned its own investigation.

Before Death Journalist's last words by dailysikhupdates

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