Bains Brothers called out the Badals and Cable Mafia putting allegations against them.

Here are the top ten:

1) Badal Family behind Cable Mafia

2) Orbit Resort directors are shareholders in Fastway Cable and Fastway Cable is actually owned by Badals.

3) City Cable and Win Cable was eliminated by police due to false charges on their owners.

4) From few hundred rupees profit and 19 lakh accounts of Fastway Cable in 2008 to 50 Lakh accounts in 2014.

5) They don’t disclose the cable connections and 7 fake companies made up to rig bidding.

6) Income tax reports of Badal Family shows from 2008 to 2014 30

7) Fraud on income tax: Didn’t obtain approval from local bodies when installing fiber optic cable.

8) Fraud against electric company

9) Tax evasion at all fronts from the central government

10) Fraud from Punjab Government’s budget.

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