Video of Amritsar Sarovaar Overflowing

Amritsar Sarovar Overflows by dailysikhupdates
Many sacred Sikh shrines can be found in the Sikh holy city of Amritsar. Of particular importance are the five sacred pools in this city. These are called sarovars and it is the practice of some Sikhs to have a dip in all five of these holy pools. The ritual, apart from being good exercise, acquaints one with the importance of these five sites.
These five holy Sarovars are:

Amritsar (1586) (the name is now used more to refer to the city rather then the sarovar)
Santokhsar (1587-88)
Ramsar (1602-03)
Kaulsar (1627)
Bibeksar (1628) This sarovar is located to south/south-east of the most important landmark for the Sikhs, the Harimandir Sahib.
Maharaja Ranjit Singh

Amritsar (literally “pool of nectar”) was originally called Ramdaspur – Guru Ramdas’s City (literally the City of God’s Servant). This is now the name of a district and a Sikh holy city located in the northern Indian state of Punjab, in which the Harimandir Sahib complex is located. This is the current principal holy city of the Sikhs and is the headquarters of the district (Amritsar) in the Punjab.

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