(DSU News Bureau) Members of the Satkar committee led by Bhai Kamaljeet Singh Wanchiri captured the 3 boys who harassed an amritdhari boy last week. The 3 boys wrote an apology letter to the amritdhari boy and Sikh quam for hurting religious sentiments. The boys were made to touch the amritdhari Sikh’s feat as can be seen in the picture.

Bhai Kamaljeet Singh Wanchiri explained to them the importance of Kesh and the sacrifices made by Sikhs in the past.


The 3 boys had pulled the hair and stuck out the boy’s tongue and then posted a picture online. The picture caused outrage among Sikh’s worldwide.


The Satkar Committee led a task to find the boys involved and make them realize their mistake reportedly near a village in Taran Taran.

Bhai Kamaljeet Singh Wanchiri is the voice behind the extremely popular nitnem audio recording titled “Words of Akal” produced by Dharam Seva Records.

Satkar Committee Captures Harrassing Boys by dailysikhupdates

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