Air Canada Flight 549, which was flying from New Jersey to Vancouver, experienced a cabin pressure issue and made an emergency descent before diverting to Toronto. Flight 549, an Airbus A319 aircraft, took off from Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey at about 6:22 p.m. ET on Friday and was scheduled to make a 5.5-hour flight to Vancouver International Airport.


The Airbus A319 lost pressure in the cabin and was forced to make a rapid descent to 10,000 feet.

Flight AC549 bound for Vancouver from Newark, New Jersey was diverted to Toronto Friday evening after the plane descended to 10,000 feet from its cruising altitude.

A man on the flight Milon Tusvoic immediately tweeted:

“#AC549 @aircanada that sucked. Lost pressure at 36k feet, rapid descend to 10k with masks on”

The Airline released statement stating the plane lost pressurization due to the plane’s air conditioning unit.

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