(Urgent Action Required) Sikh History Under Attack in California

The Sikh Coalition has released a statement asking support for a petition which would prevent non-Sikh advocacy from rewriting Sikh history in California.

“According to public documents released by the California Department of Education, non-Sikh advocacy organizations are proposing to rewrite Sikh history in the California state curriculum standards.”

Hindu Group Tries to Rewrite Sikh History With False Information in California

“Two organizations—the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) and a group calling itself California Parents for the Equalization of Educational Materials (CAPEEM)—are proposing to deny that Sikhism is opposed to idol worship and the caste system. Incredibly, they have even attempted to rewrite the history of Guru Nanak, denying that the founder of the Sikh religion “challenged the authority of the Brahmin and the power of the Mughal empire.”

“As a part of our campaign in California to ensure that our history is preserved, we are calling on every Sikh in the United States to join us bysigning this petition. There is strength in numbers and our goal is to demonstrate that Sikh Americans feel strongly about preserving and protecting our history. What happens in California sets a precedent for the rest of the nation.”

Tell the California State Board of Education to preserve and protect Sikh History by signing and sharing this Petition!

Sikh history is under attack in California. We need YOU to take action TODAY to make sure that non-Sikh advocacy organizations are unsuccessful in rewriting Sikh history. Every signature on the petition counts! Please share with your family and friends. To learn more about the problem and to sign the petition Save Sikh History in California Education System

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