Update: Kanwaljeet Singh Who Was attacked in Delhi Metro, Bail to Be Tried Today

Update 8/22/13:  Bhai Kanwaljeet Singh’s Bail to be tried today.

NEW DELHI, India August 14, 2013 — Kanwaljeet Singh, an Amritdhari (Kirtaniye) was harassed and attacked in a New Delhi Metro by 4 men and used his kirpan for self defense. However Delhi police arrested Kanwaljeet and pressed attempt to murder charges against him.
Kanwaljeet was traveling alone from Model Town to Krishna Nagar in the Delhi Metro on Sunday , when 4 men traveling from Chandni Chowk by the names Nitin, Sudhanshu, Mohit, and Manish.

Rajiv Chowk Station

Rajiv Chowk Station Photo of Top News

According to the police, the incident took place at 4:15 pm when Singh, a resident of east Delhi’s Karkardooma and the victim, Nitin, a resident of Noida’s sector 22, boarded a train from Chandni Chowk.
“At the Rajiv Chowk station, which serves as an interchange, Kanwaljeet was supposed to de-board and take a connecting train towards Janakpuri situated on the Blue line. As the train was crowded, Kanwaljeet failed to make an exit and blamed Nitin and his friends for blocking his way,” said an officer.
Singh and Nitin came face to face below an escalator at the next station — Patel Chowk.
According to the police, the incident happened after the accused could not de-board a packed train at the station of his choice because the victim ‘blocked his way’.
Kanwaljit Singh Requested the men to move aside who were blocking his way off the train as he had to catch the connecting train, the men refused to move after repeated requests. One of the men then replied, ” Tere hoon 12 Baj Gay Ne, Tenu Khurak Deni Payie Gi” ( An Insult to Sikhs) (Historicaly: During Ahmed Shah Abdali’s Invasions in India, (who would abduct Indian women and take them to Afganistan) Sikh Warriors Promised to rescue captured women before the clock hit 12am)
Sardar Kanwaljit Singh replied by saying, “Tusi Galat Kar rahe ho, Mein sirf raaste mang rahe haan” ( You are insulting me, I am only requesting you to not block my way)

An Interchange of The Delhi Metro

An Interchange of The Delhi Metro. Photo By Sky Scraper City

After the exchange of words, the 4 men attacked Kanwaljeet Singh, where his Dastaar(Turban) was thrown on the ground, and his Kesh had opened up. Kanwaljeet Singh resorted to using the Kirpan for his defense as he was being beaten by the 4 men.
The CISF Police Force arrested Kanwaljeet Singh without entirely looking at the CCTV Footage and was taken to Tihar Jail. The police said they have filed the 307 attempt to murder case according to verbal testimony.
DSGMC’s Paramjit Singh Rana met DCP Sanjay Bhatia and provided Literature regarding the Religious Article of Faith, and the meaning of Kirpan in Sikhism and when it can be used.
The DSGMC is working to free Kanwaljit Singh and defending him in court.
About Kanwaljeet Singh: Entire Family is Amritdhari and performs raag based Kirtan, known in the community to be very humble and caring people. Sardar Kanwaljeet Singh plays the Dilrbuba (Stringed Muscial Instrument) in a Jatha and was headed to his duty by taking the Delhi Metro.

Incident Happened on Sunday August 11, 2013 at around 4pm
Articly Written By Editors of Daily Sikh Updates
Sources: TOI, Hindustan Times, Sikh Channel

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