So, here we are in 2016 and still in a situation where the same Gurdwara Committees openly defy Gurmat Maryada by manipulating the usage of Gurdwara owned properties to serve alcohol and meat for additional income.

Many members of the Sikh community have spent a decade protesting against this act and to uphold the sanctity of their Gurdwaras. As a community we have had to see hostile protests which unfortunately even led to some arrests over the years of protestors.

Despite logic and clarifications from Akal Takht Sahib in the form of Hukumnamas, Sandeshes and Aadeshes, we see no official UK Sikh leadership taking the steps to safeguard and uphold Gurdwara Maryada. Our Granthis remain weak chasing the pound, the Committees protect their positions and the Leadership are just disconnected. In the end, frustrated members of the Sikh community have been forced to take the emotive stand, which as we have seen often leads to hostile stand offs, protests and sometimes arrests which then attract negative attention.

Sikh Faith leaders, Granthis, Jathedars, Committee Members, Gurdwara Councils need to be forced to realise what their roles and responsibilities actually are.

When the Guru blessed the kirpan to the saints to form the Khalsa, he abolished the complacent and exploitive attitude of Faith leaders. The Khalsa would now not only talk the talk but walk the walk. The Khalsa would act as leaders of their Faith and would address all issues head on. There’s no denying lazy Sikhs have now allowed for the creation of dead wood and a prabhandak/granthi/jathebhandi industry but our underlying principles still mean we must not hide from our moral and ethical responsibilities.

It’s time to stop allowing the wrong people to be acting as community or faith leaders. If the leaders do not have the clout to influence their own community that they represent or even speak up against immoral actions then they should not be in those roles. The Gurmat focused members of our community need to flush out the career faith leaders and take on the running of the Gurdwara establishments. As the old saying goes, complacency breeds failure…


Dass, Slave of the Panth

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